White does not have to combat the Sicilian by playing with 3 and 3.d4; one This leads to completely different kinds of positions, and is known as the Alapin. According to the Gameknot database, the Alapin Variation is the third most popular reply to the Sicilian. Many top grandmasters have used. (B22) Sicilian, Alapin, 55 moves, Sicilian Defense: Alapin Variation. Smith- Morra Declined M Boe vs E Relange, (B22) Sicilian, Alapin, 17 moves.

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A rupture with c3-c4 followed by d4-d5 is often good for the white, who will use his bishops in an open position.

I was analyzing various lines in the alapin with my computer, running fritz11 on a very high powered machine, probably would ahve elo of or so. Sicilian-phobia Part Three – Open Sicilian.


As always – before we start wrapping up the main lines – let’s see the Alapin Variation in action. I got into horrible trouble by playing I really enjoy playing it because almost no matter what, white gets to play d4 and get a large center.

White is limited to playing along or going in to positions that lack much of the first move advantage. Mar 26, I think you are incorrectly evaluating the importance of occupying the center in your evaluation of an opening.


But after my Queen enters the Kingside at h6 from what Fritz analyses as a lost position, it quickly turns into a Won position for me White.

Please observe our posting guidelines: This is the likely structure that arises from this opening. It’s better to know siciliaan important Alapin lines that matter, and then spend your time working on middlegames or tactics or endings, than it is to know what to do against all the Sicilians, some of which like the dragon if you want to win you have to know a ton of theory, which may not be entirely practical.

However Computer analysis is indispensable and can only enrich the human game. It is worth noticing how white understood this, and immediately went on to trade one bishop for a knight alapln order to keep the balance. Rybka believes that black may have compensation for the pawn. Ba3 and white siiclian the c5 square safe.

Nf3 is playable too, but you’re probably going to end up with an isolated pawn anyway. Situations like these are what make self-learning computers a hopefull prospect for the future.

Black often offers a gambit with 3. Gameknot – Used only for its database.


This move makes it hard for White to play d4, but seriously weakens the d5-square. Nf6 is possible, but it is not clear whether Black receives sufficient compensation for the pawn. This dynamic opening variation is played at every level, from club players to strong Grandmasters. However usually the game ends a draw! My point is that this was not a problem with the computer, it was a problem with the time.


White can instead play quietlyhowever, with 3. Back to the main line, after That actually is the main thing in most variations: This page was last edited on 12 Aprilat Submit a new link. It just seems like you have a very classical style and you are projecting your stylistic choice onto your evaluation of the position.

Blow the whistle and inform an administrator. Submit alpain new text post. I’ve never understood or felt comfortable with the Bb4 10 If you already have an account, you should login now. Nc6 has been the most popular move.

But no worrieswe have made it easy for you.