Title: Tamar Cohen – Ljubavničina osveta, Author: Svijet Knjige, Name: Tamar Cohen – Ljubavničina Cover of “Aleksandra Poter – Moj gospodin savrseni”. pazi sta zelis mozda ti se i ostvari, 10 najvecih zabluda o vaspitanju i sta mozemo da uradimo bolje, sta rade bake, who stole mona lisa. Aleksandra Poter. Malo po humoru i stilu pisanja podsjeća na knjige Sofi Kinsele. .. What I love about Alexandra Potter’s books is the way they deal with magic and mystery.

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But first,she has to learn how to love herself. That’s when she starts to question, when did Will lost interest on her?

Kada naidje nesto uzbudljivo, privlacno,riskantno da li poci za tim i ostaviti svu sigurnost iza sebe, ili ne? Memories are the most precious things we qleksandra. It was a very long boring story that I couldn’t finish. Paris have always been one of the places I want to visit and this book aleksamdra me fall in love with Paris even more. Dan pada saat, disitulah dia, lelaki yang mencintai mu apa adanya dirimu. She meets him again for the “first” time and embarks on a relationship with interesting aleksandrw.

I liked that the book is realistic and doesn’t sugar coat things – people make decisions and face consequences. True, she can be frantic and her moral value can be extremely flawed, but, I can’t help but finding myself relating to her. Another fantastic read from Potter! Which is exactly what she wanted. Paris is just so romantic and there are so knjite famous sights to see, but I focused on the smaller moments you experience, the undiscovered parts of Paris, the unique discoveries.

I smiled, cried, laughed and loved every part of this book.

Love from Paris

I thought Juliet’s thoughts and indecision – her consultations to friends even – were an accurate portrayal of that dilemma. The letters hold a great mystery that spans three-quarters of a century.

The second love story is about new love, but the kind of love that you are friends with the other person, that you are scared to move the relationship onto the next stage because you do not want to ruin what you have but in your heart you know it is the best thing for you to do and in the end you take the chance and it makes you happier then you ever imagined.


I am not one to normally give up on a book. Balkon yang ada dibuat untuk memuaskan rasa ingin tahu para turis Hal.

Love from Paris (Love Detective, #2) by Alexandra Potter

By the end of the book I was like ‘Come on Fergus! She has to forget about him. If you like this book I’m sorry don’t read this you won’t like it. Die Protagonistin ist anstrengend.

I did a lot of research on this time period and travelled to Paris several times where I rented an apartment and soaked up the city and its secrets. An Alexandra Potter book is definitely a highlight of my year and an absolute treat to feed my hopelessly romantic soul. The one you’d get married to on normal basis. If you love uncomplicated, happy ever after endings, this is one for you.

Ipak je lijepo prikazan svijet dugogodisnje veze i sta ona nosi sa sobom, odnos izmedju partnera, kako se uljuljkamo u sigurnost i cak previse opustimo. After a bad break up, doesn’t every girl want the same things? I disliked the ending; hated the message it could have easily given to the reader. She manages to make it plausible when any other author would make it sound silly and unbelievable. The protagonist, Ruby Miller may be well-known for readers who have read The love detective. Funny how Rolf and Amber are the only two characters that didn’t really irk me and I’m not really over the moon over.

You’re gonna like it. I da li zaista naucimo cijeniti ono sto imamo tek kada to izgubimo? Its a really touching topic for me and this book came at the perfect time of life.

Yet another book with a misguiding title and review. The more there was about Seb, the more I just hated him, he was so egoistical, so self – centered, so thinking just about him This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat To be shared between others never to be kept to ourselves. I absolutely love romantic stories that are different from the rest, ones that speak softly to your heart and make you cry from beautiful happiness, ones that show you that true loves does exist if we only look hard enough.


Teil auf Englisch gelesen hatte, war ich etwas perplex, da ich mich nicht erinnern konnte, dass mich in dem Buch die Protagonistin irgendwie extra angeredet hat. A great lesson about staying true to yourself. I won’t say I’m an extremely responsible person, but doesn’t it make sense to TRY to be responsible doing your own work? But the thing I liked most was the endingit ended how I wanted.

Knjife feel like if I read this book during summer I’d give it maybe 5 stars but for now it’s going to be 4 stars. Born in England, she has lived in London, Sydney, Australia and New York and LA, and can currently be found clocking up too many air miles travelling the globe researching ideas for her new book Its predictable but not in a bad way. He manufactures a situation where they can meet again and then whisks her off for a weekend in Verona. Sta reci o ovoj knjizi?

Mar 12, Claire – The Coffeeholic Bookworm rated it liked it. You want to get angry, you want to cry with Juliet, you can also feel their pain.

Calling Romeo

She’s a flawed character, and in that she is entitled to feel what she does. Views Read Edit View history. View all 3 comments. Die Geschichte ist unausgereift und die Protagonistin eine schlechte Kombination aller Frauenklischees.