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Morsztyn, Cyd albo Roderyk, Warszawas. Furthermore, authors did not hesitate to adapt source formulations to the structures of the new text; for instance, to the metrical scheme.


Abychmy w ten przekład pilnie weźrzeli

Of grrillet, after the decline of descriptive poetics and in the wake of new historicism, feminism, post-colonial, and cultural studies, the radical sweep of intertextuality has again begun to inspire new tenets in text and discourse theory see Schahadat Of course, fields of reference to which the concepts relate and concurrently constitute as a subject of knowing serve to do the same.

History and Poetics of Intertextuality Acknowledgments This book has been in the making for some time, and, through the “history” of its writing, it also changed its “poetics. Collecting and citing so-called apophtegms apophtegmata commenced in ancient Greece. But then they grilleg law, theology, hermeneutics, philosophy, and poetics as well.

In a perplexing intellectual atmosphere, they took notions from French left-wing radical theory, artistic neo-avant-garde, and radical student movements and tried to adapt them to Marxism in its version of official Yugoslav meta-ideology.

Therefore, they pursued the genres, styles, and thematics of those modern writers who attracted attention and aroused interest among the general public or informed arbiters in literary salons and newspapers.

History and Poetics of Intertextuality | Marko Juvan –

Post-structuralism and Literary Criticismabout poststructuralism and literary studies, concludes justly that intertextual research is a good example of postmodern theoretical discourse: Cezar Juliusz Gaius Lucilius grilet.

Koncept w kulturze staropolskiej, red.

grilelt Salwa, Warszawas. On the background of the ideological, philosophical, and technological factors outlined above, citation acquired the meaning it still has today: In the collection Influence and Intertextuality in Literary History, Stanford Friedman underlines that the original theory of intertextuality, aluzka the bourgeois individualistic background of establishing influences, is included in the broader anti-humanist project characteristic of poststructuralism According to Koppenfels, translation is not an intertextual phenomenon because its production derives from a literary text fremdbestimmte Textkonstitution but because of its interpretive breadth — the terms “interpretation,” “explication,” and “translation” have, not insignificantly, similar conceptual histories and 2 The translator respects the history of a translation — previous solutions offered by aljzja who have translated the same work or author — and he accepts or distances himself from them.


The vast number of Slovene parodies of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries intended for entertainment, political commentary cloaked in literature, or moral and social satire was made precisely according to the recipe for contrafacture. Ceriol, Il Concilio, et Consiglieri del Principe, dz.

From the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries parody manifested itself primarily in burlesque poetry and comic novels. The model reader of this sentence should have an idea of what the expression “to write” means, and be familiar with the meanings and references of “novel” and “postmodern.

Kleszczowa, Bogact wo staropolskiej synonimii [w: History and Poetics of Intertextuality points to “quotation’s powers of concentration and crystallization: In his publications in the almanac Writings Pisanice, modeled on the German and Austrian almanacs of the fine arts Musenalmanachhe alluded to Ovid and Vergil as imaginary inspirations for utopian creativeness in the Slovene language which was, at that time, written only by a few educated people enthusiastic about the national enterprise.

Van Rogger Andreucci, Pau It is sensible to introduce new concepts only if we can better define, connect, alyzja explain a given field of inquiry. Arystoteles Statorius Pierre zob. When choosing a proper topos, cultivated authors considered the genre and purpose of their writing e. Lesson Ten Criminal Law Exercises 1.

Santa Cruz County California

Reliance on older texts had from past ages also been part of educated culture, the medium of which was writing. It was popular until the seventeenth century. The author in fact made use of commonplace handbooks — anthologies of patterns, sentences, and emblems aeraria poetica, polyanthea, adagia, florilegii, thesauri, silvae — to achieve such literary virtuosity in the handling of topoi.

The Japanese Noh stage drama from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries deftly stylized the bases of well-known myths and legends.

Santa Cruz County California

Foscolo, Discorso sul testo e su le opinioni diverse prevalenti intorno alla storia e alla emendazione critica della Commedia di Dante [w: To nie jest przypadkowa ilustracja. Menippea’s characteristic use of dialogism, carnivalization, its polemicism on canonical discourses and advancing of linguistic, formal, and stylistic syncretism aided the development of satirical-utopian and comic novels of the modern age, such as Rabelais’s Gargantua and Pantagruel, Cervantes’s Don Quixote, Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, Fielding’s Joseph Andrews, and Sterne’s Tristram Shandy.


Alighieri, La Divina Commedia, oprac. History and Poetics of Intertextuality However, the poetic practice itself of imitating — in spite of the concern for transhistorical and transcultural equality of meanings and forms — resulted in a lower or higher level of poetic and semantic distance, in dissimilation.

He succeeded in wedding, in classically inspired form, existential-erotic themes with a liberal national idea, thereby soon after his death becoming an icon and the national poet of Slovenia. It became predominantly atheoretical and descriptive, reduced to the esthetic realm, where it functioned as a prominent feature of late capitalism’s artistic practices. The latter is a poetic drama with a political subtext that obliquely, through the lens of a modernist- existentialist evocation of the myth Antigone actually never appears on stage and subtle irony criticizes the degradation of morality under a one-time communist regime in Slovenia.

His Poezije are replete with metaphoric rendering of mythic, historical, literary biographic, legendary, religious, and other images taken from antiquity and up to his time. Historia jednego wiersza, Warszawa Lukan Marcus Fabius Quintilianus zob.

In light of these facts, Curtius’s expansion of the concept of topoi seems justified. Ferrari, Public Anatomy Lessons and the Carnival: Classicists promoted, among the leading social strata, a pretentious, high style nurtured by examples from Antiquity. It would be difficult to convince such a reader, hardbound book in hand, that the text is boundless and that other texts and discourses intrude amid the printed lines, much less bring him to Jacques Derrida’s idea that nothing exists outside the text.

It is true that in s an important group of dissidents and critical intellectuals around the journal Nova revija extensively referred to global debates about the postmodern age in order to advocate intellectual pluralism, political democracy and Slovene independence.