We use appositives to redefine or clarify a noun phrase; test your knowledge in this exercise!. Play this game to review Grammar. What is the purpose of an appositive?. Play this game to review Grammar. St. Valentine is the patron saint of lovers. St. Valentine was never married. Which option uses an appositive to combine the.

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By using any resource from this site, you are agreeing to these Terms. July 18,at The cargo was very precious.

June 19,at 8: This is very helpful. A lady, along with her friends, is having dinner with the mayor. In the sentence below, should a comma proceed the name of the learning activity?

He is a good, but strict teacher. But, in the last sentence, since Peter has more than one sister, the name Qyiz is necessary to identify which sister is being discussed.


An appositive may be restrictivewhich means that it is essential to the meaning of a sentence. August 23,at 5: My sister, who received a scholarship, appostives attend Harvard.

Students will learn the different types of nouns and how to use appositives, plurals, and possessives correctl Therefore, your sentences apposirives punctuated correctly. No commas are needed if you have two or more older brothers.

Smith through our partnership in Florida and through his nephew, who is a member of our church. Dashes are useful when the appositive itself contains commas.

Pop Quiz Add commas if needed. Rule 4 of Semicolons: Thank you very much for all information. My friend is not a precise identifier because one may have numerous friends.

Rewrite the following sentences, making sure to correctly punctuate and identify the appositives in each one. However, some editors may prefer the second sentence.

Commas with Appositives |

We recommend avoiding the double possessive. My sister Sue will be having a party next week. Grade appositibes Grade Please enable JavaScript in your browser. An adorable little dogthe Yorkshire Terrier is a favorite at the dog show. The band Three Doors Down is performing at the Palace tonight. Female students, rather than male studentsare most likely to take cooking classes at school. October 9,at 8: Is it necessary to put a comma to avoid confusion, or is it better as is?


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October 22,at 8: When stating a sentence with a name, would you use a comma after it? November 16,at Thank you for pointing this out. October 21,at September 11,at 5: