Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering NOTE: AR is a Joint Service Instruction and is also DLAI , AFMAN (IP), NAVSUPINST A, MCO A (The true file name when . provide extensive information about AR ( ).

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The Ammunition Surveillance Modernization Program ASMP reviews the ammunition surveillance business processes and develops state—of—the—art methodology for evaluating quality of the ammunition stockpile. Check the total of lines 24 and 29; must equal line Frequency, period covered, and due dates. The function covered by this checklist is the management of storage aar supply operations for Army supply installations.

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To prevent item deterioration, reduce the costs of initial and recurring care and extend the shelf life of items, supplies and equipment should be afforded the protection of covered storage. Overseas commanders are authorized to allocate space at installations 740–3 their control to DOD components and civilian agencies of the Government. Utilization of igloo and magazine space will seek an occupancy level of 90 percent of net storage space available when such occupancy is not in conflict with regulatory directives concerning compatibility and safety distances.

Support space is defined as the amount of space used in support of storage operations.

Installation identity codes used on the Storage Space Management Report. This regulation covers the following subject areas: Establishes 74-03 policy for the use of storage space. Find at what’s new at AskTOP. When additional storage and warehousing facilities are necessary, consideration will be given to the following in. Section IV — remarks: Storage missions or activities that are not required to meet the current requirements will be inactivated.

Structures or areas containing space used for storage activities and support activities pertaining thereto, for example, packing and crating areas, box and crate shops, receiving and shipping areas, and care of supplies in storage COSIS areas.


When known, the actual effective date and the authority will be shown. Only storage space used for the following purposes are excluded: Warehousing requirements are as follows:. Suitable storage space is available at another installation operated by another DOD component or Federal civilian agency.

Leave blank, not used. However, where local conditions and actual commodity characteristics dictate a specific stacking height, the latter will apply. AMC 19—48 series drawings. Purpose The purpose of this checklist is to assist installation managers and management control administrators at installations with Army storage and supply operations in evaluating the key management controls outlined below.

ASMP functional procedures are as follows: This publication is availa- S u m m a r y. The reporting frequency for each installation is indicated in table 4—2. Enter the sum of lines 26, 27 and Therefore, the extra protection inherent in the airtight container placed in CH storage should be restricted to a very minimum number of items.

Instruments optical, mechanical, and hydraulic. Facility justification requirements a. See table 5—1 for frequency of inspections for life expectancies and shelf life codes for shelf—life items; inspection and test procedures; criteria for determining compliance with prescribed standards; and criteria for determining restoration action required for type II shelf life items.

No change in space allocation at AMC installations may be made without prior. The dehumidified atmosphere provided in CH space must have access to the material to be protected in order to function as a preservative method. Ship maintenancecycles will be at 24 to 30 month intervals. The maintenance provided during this phase will be from organizational, direct, and general support levels. Have you been confronted by an ethical dilemma?

Installations with firm knowledge of changes in ACF which are expected upward or downward for K CF or more for any column type of storage space or any decreases, which will inhibit mission, performed.


Installations other than depots will forward reports through appropriate command channels. Cited in para, Open space may be used for items which will derive little or no benefit from covered storage nor lose their serviceability when stored in open space or are slated for demilitarization, and for items which are impractical to be placed in covered storage due to item characteristics.

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It is the policy of Army to maintain a uniform, accurate storage space inventory and utilization reporting system to—. Commanders of combat equipment groups will—. Projects involving storage facilities required by Army commands and activities will conform to the qualifications and limitations prescribed herein.

These samples will be fired or functioned under controlled conditions to determine degradation.

To ensure responsibilities for accomplishing quality control and reliability management are assigned. Complete aircraft storage facilities.

It prescribes policy, and outlines the objectives concerning the surveillance and quality assurance of guided missile, rocket ammunition, a conventional ammunition to include toxic-chemical ammunition stored, maintained, and issued by the Army.

Enter the net SF space occupied by erected racks. The primary elements of the surveillance program consist of surveillance inspections, and the review and monitoring of safety and logistics functions.

CARE OF SUPPLIES IN STORAGE (COSIS) – ppt video online download

Towed nonpowered equipment, such as rocket launchers and construction equipment. Allocation of space will be expressed in gross square feet to programming activities and storage sites.

The amount of material stored to the nearest whole short ton, converting ounces to pounds and pound to short tons when necessary.