Abstract. The Navigator EPX is a digital lighting console optimised for the control of intelligent lighting. Its principle features are ease of use, flexibility of. Celco Navigator lighting console in excellent condition (includes console, case, and power supply). From and still works great!. Celco Navigator Lighting Desk | Sound & Vision, Performance & DJ Equipment, Stage Lighting & Effects | eBay!.

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Mixed Lighting Desks

Further processing in the lamp status program is held in abeyance until a reply is received from the lamp unit. This subprogram is also activated upon an unexpected motion of the servo-controlled lamp function by way of hardware interrupts generated by changes in the position feedback signal. The output from encoder is further passed through an invertor to the input of a differential line driver Once the operation of the lamp unit hardware has been tested, various program subroutines are executed navjgator initialize program variables, and set up programmable circuits used for communications.

The next example involves the processing in the lamp unit as a result of the console operator having actuated the “store cue” switch on the console panel. Each lamp unit thus has available all cue information within the unit itself. The data bus is further connected to a buffer which transmits the data to both a direct memory access circuit Motorola Model and to the input of a buffer The services provided by all the logical control programs include receiving cue data recalled at various front panel sources, herein referred to as submasters.

Any additional processing required by ceelco communications process is performed as a response to console processor interrupts from the various programmable integrated circuits.

However, in the current example, processing continues as the flag is assumed to be set as part of the preceding manual-control channel-selector-map command.

Thus, there is provided navugator feedback loop for determining the rate of rotation of the motor It is assumed here that commands are received from the console indicating that the console operator is manipulating the lamp position controls.


See full item description. The lamp status scanning program is also activated by a hardware interrupt. The Manchester encoder bi-directionally communicates with the communications controller and also transmits and receives data to and from the data link The command interpreter program then jumps to the associated command response routine.

Finally, the response routine is terminated, and is returned through the network state control program to the lamp status scanning program, which is also terminated until the next timer interrupt. I’m normally not afraid of any console. Add to Watch list. It will only give them a bad name when they fuck it all up. More particularly, these associated programs are entered on the occurrence of certain hardware interrupts generated by the console electrical apparatus.

The high speed data stream of this nature permits the downloading of the substantial light unit cue information in a very short period of time. Noteworthy, the processing described in bavigator with a particular lamp unit, will also be occurring concurrently in other lamp units of the system.

The command from the console is simply transmitted celo each of the lamp units in a system-wide manner as a broadcast command in one transmission. The Manchester encoders and have the mode select input connected to a logic high level thereby selecting the repeater mode.

USDS1 – Lighting control console – Google Patents

This packet of data is necessary to the lamp unit to allow it to respond properly to subsequent console commands. A bulb power supply has various interrupt and acknowledge states which are also transmitted to the interface cleco timer circuit In addition, increased flexibility is desired in such systems so that various aspects of the lighting systems can be reconfigured, as necessary, to accommodate the varying requirements of different performances.

The flag which disables the execution of these additional programs is also set. The control console 24 is connected to operate through the data anvigator 26 for controlling a plurality of items of stage equipment.

Celco (2 products) – Audiofanzine

The motor is physically connected through a clutch to a quadrature encoder The foregoing is accomplished by the response routine in calling the file manager program to open the file with the lamps control channel number in the cue data file directory. Start of ce,co to list layer. The high level commands transmitted by the felco through the network and to each lamp unit, the commands undergo additional processing in each unit to determine the effect of the command on the unit, and to accomplish the desired result, if applicable.


Increasingly, lighting designers are demanding to utilize a variety nxvigator control devices and lamp units in their lighting systems in order to achieve desired lighting effects, often including lighting equipment produced by different manufacturers, each having their own unique communications protocols and data formats. In response to an interrupt, the status of a lamp is requested, and retrieved.

The timer produces timing signals required for the operation of the stepper motor. Broadcast messages, for example, are transmitted to the lamp units for placing them or removing them from manual control. There is no way to bring up all 4 dimmers at once unless I waste one of my valuable 12 master playbacks. This is termed a “broadcast command. Bunch of mac 2ntours and profiles.

You must bring the fader up again so the whole audience will see the dim lights move to the proper position, then fade them out so you can pretend nobody saw that you suck as an LD. The lamp units each determine the applicability of the new fader value based upon the fader identifier and the lamp unit’s internal state.

This retransmission negates the effect of any faulty transmission by the lamp unit because of noise or other problems. At power-up, the reset signals to the encoders and are at an initial low logic level for a short period of time. In the following illustration it should be realized the effect of the decentralized control of removing console functions into the lamp units.

A character display control subsidiary program is entered by the main sequencer for servicing alpha-numeric display devices on the console front panel.