PMP Sample Test Questions. (correct answers are bolded). 1. An accepted deadline for a project approaches. However, the project manager realizes only 75%. [Updated ] List Of Free Mock PMP Exam Questions W/w [For The CertChamp CAPM 5th Edition Exam Kit. . Book File Type: PDF;. 5th Edi Book file PDF. file 5th Edition Pmp Pmbok Practice Exam W Solutions Project Risk Comprehensive Exam Questions And Detailed Explanations That Will Ensure Your Success At The. PMP CertChamp: Certification Champion On PMP, CAPM, SCJP. . General Psychology File Type Pdf; Grade.

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It manages the timing and sequence of when activities need to be performed B. As the question states the client is happy with the work progress and also there might be an opportunity that the client might be interested in the derivatives segment.

Certain issues like a flash flood have significantly delayed the laying out of the plinth for the shopping complex.

Which of the following statements are untrue? However the question states that 3 new stakeholders got added while 1 stakeholder got reduced. ScopeCost and Schedule D. Critical Path Method B. It contains details of the scopeschedule and cost baseline and it could also contain quality and technical parameters.

Corrective actions need to undergo change control D. Question – 17 You have replaced an earlier project manager in a project. You have created the schedule network diagram and have identified two paths. Options A and B are incorrect while option D is a very subjective answer and nowhere does the problem state how the stakeholders would take the news – so the best answer in this case is option C Question – 57 You know that the success of your project will be determined by how well you manage risks.


Free PMP Sample Questions , PMP Pass Guarantee

Question – A product description of a project can help in creating procurement details. C is the correct answer. All of the risks have been identified qjestions the design phase is just completed. Security is not prime motivator, nor is status. Monte Carlo Analysis C is the correct answer. Estimate Activity Resources D.

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You prepare a code review checklist and ensure the code is reviewed as per the checklist. Question – As a project manager of a projectyou have just completed Schedule network diagram.

One of the subject matter experts indicates that during the months of July and August the construction work of the bridge certcchamp the river would need to stop on account of past history of flooding of the river. Get the work done immediately and start executing B.

Pricing objectives in marketing pdf

Provides guidance regarding the enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets that would play a part. Financial reward is regarded as a measurement of success, not an end in itself.

While Option B is an option – it cannot be the BEST choice since if we assign all the experienced staff filettpe building the wind tunnel – the critical path activities are taken care of – but the question also states of a path which is near Critical – building of the tail. Yes – Any delay of activities on the critical path would lead to a delay of cdrtchamp entire project D. You decide to look up the requirements of the types of reports and frequency of sending them. Note that this is not a mandatory dependency – as it is not a ‘Must Have’ but more a ‘Should have’.


One of the subject matter experts reports that there is a possibility of the monsoons to be heavier this year. Option C is related to Herzbergs Hygiene theory – so it too is not the correct answer Option D is talking about Maslows Theory of Hierarchial needs – so again not the correct answer. Not only is Scope verification performed while the project is executing – it is also performed when a project is terminated. Update the Risk register tiletype add this risk along with its probability and impact D is cdrtchamp correct answer.

None of the above A is the correct answer. One of your colleagues who is relatively inexperienced in managing projects wants to compare the project work and measure the deviations – which document should he refer to?

Contracts should always be Fixed Price C is the correct answer.

This question tests your knowledge about contracts and procurement. Option C is the correct answer. Here choosing a Cost-reimbursable contract makes no sense – since the unit rate of staff can be determined and agreed between you and the seller – so the best option is A – T and M Question – 87 A process with lack of consistency and predictability is called: Path 1 consists of two activities of a duration of 2 and 5 weeks respectively.

Discuss with the project team about the change. This plinth work activity was on the critical path.