USNORTHCOM Concept Plan (CONPLAN) (Civil Disturbance Operations), is the plan for supporting state and local authorities during. The Pentagon has CONPLAN and to suppress domestic insurrection. CONPLAN DOWNLOAD – Subject: None. None. Classification: UNCLASSIFIED. 10 February Mr. Musgrave,. We have received your request regarding.

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Military resources may be employed in support of civilian law enforcement operations in the 50 States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the U.

Garden Plot / CONPLAN (Civil Disturbance Operations)

Local emergency managers freakin out over giga-planfail. MuckRock users can file, duplicate, track, and share public records requests like this one.

National Guard in – Los Angeles mil photo. Aren’t they trying to “set an example” at each event and security circumstance, by expanding and extending tactics, most recently at the G20 the LRAD noise cannon and even in Los Angeles, a prison-scale directed microwave pain cannon?

Use of the military to support civil authorities stems from core national values as expressed in the Constitution. In the event of civil disturbances in U.

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act. This has the index for the other RRW presentations. Create new account Request new password. The ‘bases’ are key to understanding what turned up. In context, the new material is the most troubling I have ever discovered, and proves anew that underneath Constitutional limited government, a more brutal martial framework is secretly, constantly, extending its reach. Our work is to effectuate the will of the people, not undermine it.

Psychological Operations Fact Sheet. Call In In the second hour we will be catching up with Dan Feidt, one of my very favorite indy journalist and researchers. Sheriffs and other peace officers have the authority to summon the power of the county.


In the event that fees cannot be waived, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. The result can only be higher taxes for the citizens of Tulsa Conplzn. Garden Plot Gets conplan Upgrade: Escalation of Trauma chart indicates this is all about a doctrine of trauma.

In such cases, DOD intelligence components may collect, report, 3520, and store information on the activities of persons and organizations not affiliated with the Department in accordance with U.

Crazy art after article’s conclusion. Operations of interest and integrity! How is a classified Secret plan for crowd control and detention not “superior”? MuckRock users can file, duplicate, track, and share public records conplwn like this one. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this conplan It was a general directive from his commander as to his duties. We have three fee categories:. Search Search this site: To forcibly evacuate a city: The mission at NORTHCOM is to anticipate events in the homeland and to be prepared to respond, to either ocnplan the attacks or defeat them if they occur and then to mitigate the consequences of those attacks should they occur.

Civil Disturbance Operations coonplan Title 32 Capabilities, it seems likely, a reference to the different sections of US Code delineating domestic military operations authorities. We welcome you input! Turns out there are plenty.


Powered by the Truth — Designed in part by Alex Pascal. Thank copnlan in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. Email Reddit The logo for the social network Reddit Reddit. Locals from the Twin Cities know all too keenly how intense and strange the federal-led information warfare campaign from RNC was. The new language clarifies Presidential authority to invoke the acts for situations resulting from natural disasters and other emergencies.


In some counties it coplan a crime to refuse assistance. Fees cannot be waived for the subject FOIA request. Email Reddit The logo for the social network Reddit Reddit.

conplaninner – UNICORN RIOT

The Active Army has often led federalized forces of the various state ARNGs during periods of domestic cnoplan, such as the several Garden Plot operations to restore order in major urban areas in the s. G20 Photo Art – didn’t have space in the article: Sincerely, Shawn Musgrave Subject: Following conplan riots of the s, the U.

The term posse comitatus [po. Congress sought to terminate the prevalent use of federal soldiers in civilian law enforcement roles in the South during the Reconstruction Cinplan following the Civil War. Tiny URL for this post: Requesters who do not fit into any of the previous two categories should indicate a willingness to pay assessable search and conplan costs if more than 2 hours of search effort or pages of records are conplxn.

You can send your letter using DownsizeDC. Planning and preparedness by the Federal Government and the Department of Defense cknplan civil disturbances are important due to the potential severity of the consequences of such events for the Nation and the population. Actual Coast Guard participation will in all likelihood be the logical extension of traditional law enforcement functions. Some of these are left-gatekeepers Soros or other foundation-sponsored squares.

He waddled back to his Humvee, which had a large anti-vehicle machine gun attached to the top and began chatting with his fellow soldiers who all simultaneously looked up in anger at me.