Core Java with SCJP/ OCJP Notes By Durga Sir Language Fundamentals nd DURGASOFT, # ,2 Floor,HUDA M aitrivanam,Ameerpet, Hyderabad – . SCJP Notes by Durga Sir Durgasoft PDF – Ameerpet Materials. Posted by SmlCodes. SCJP Notes by Durga Sir Durgasoft PDF -Ameerpet Materials. Download. DurgaSoft SCJP Notes Part-I Download – is a famous faculty in Hyderabad. He teaches the core java for the beginners and also will.

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If we want to specify the dimension before the variable that rule is applicable only for the 1st variable. Float double If we want to 5 to 6 decimal places of If we want to 14 to 15 decimal places of accuracy then we should go for float. Local variables Instance variables: Introduction An array is an indexed collection of fixed number of homogeneous data elements.

Similarly short literal also. At the time of array creation compulsory we should specify the size otherwise we will get compile time error.

For every method the JVM will create a Runtime stack all method calls performed by that Thread and corresponding local variables will be stored in durgasof stack.

We can specify that integral literal either in decimal or octal or hexadecimal form but allowed values range is 0 to His boss gave him an axe and showed him the area where he was supposed to work. I have been very busy trying to cut trees. Any constant value which can be assigned to the variable is called literal. If we are not declaring any modifier explicitly then it means default modifier but this rule is applicable only for static and instance variables but not local variable.


All the above data types byte, short, int and long can be used to represent whole numbers. Create your own flipbook.

DurgaSoft SCJP Notes Part-I Download

Floating point literal is by default double type but we can specify explicitly as float type by suffixing with f or F. Materizl reserved words in java contain only lowercase alphabet symbols. Return type should be void.

Second variable onwards we can’t apply in the same declaration. The method name should be prefixed with get.

Subscribe via email Enter your email address: Class level binary data includung static variables will be stored in method area. Every variable in java should be either instance or static or local. Based on the behaviour and position of declaration all variables are divided into the following 3 types.

Syntax for setter method: Once upon a time a very strong woodcutter asks for a job in a timber merchant, and he got it. The main objective of command line arguments are we can customize the behavior of the main method. Any sequence of characters with in double quotes is treated as String literal.


You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! Spring notes by Mr. Download Spring material from DurgaSoft. Amterial standards for classes: In the case of interface type arrays as array elements we can provide its implemented class objects. Array declaration, construction, initialization in a single line. Array element assignments 9. Log In Sign Up.

This keyword introduced in 1. Which of the following list contains only java reserved words? I have been working in Java and JEE technologies.

Every scmp character in java acts as a char literal. Use final instead of this. If we are using any other modifier we will get compile time error.

Part-1 (DurgaSoft SCJP notes)

This is most commonly used data type in java. It should be public. Floating Point Data types: Primitive variables can be used to represent primitive values. The main advantage of this approach is to improve memory utilization. Java is pure object oriented programming or not?