Dymola is a multi-domain modelling and simulation tool that uses the Modelica modelling language. It uses a component orientated physical modelling. Take advantage of our expertise in Modelica to create models of your products. Claytex have been working with Dymola and Modelica for 20 years and have. Dymola. Dynamic Modeling Laboratory. User’s Manual. Version a Modelica is a registered trademark of the Modelica Association. Dynasim AB. Research.

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Our biggest challenge is producing aircraft as efficiently as possible without increasing development costs, and this is why we use model-based development; it enables us to fully understand the benefits and limitations of the vehicle systems, how they interact with one another, and how to fit them together.

Large and complex systems are composed of component models; mathematical equations describe the dynamic behavior of the system. The Human Comfort library provides additional models of occupant comfort for cabin thermal modeling. Views Read Edit View history.

Dymolw Human Comfort Library provides an integrated approach to simulate the thermal comfort within an occupied building or vehicle. Its Gripen fighter is the first of a new generation, multi-role fighter aircraft that is the most complex and advanced plane Saab has ever built.

Consultancy Services for Dymola, Modelica, rFpro and Reqtify – Claytex

Clicking OK will mean you accept the use of moelica these cookies. Free tools and library downloads for the Modelica and FMI communities. The exported Functional Mockup Units can then be used on several simulation platforms. After integrating physics models into rFpro driving simulators we have recently started to build static simulators of autonomous vehicles.

Connect your existing tools Automating the tracing of information between tools in your existing tool chain allows you to improve product quality and achieve certification standards. The Modelica scripting language will be introduced and used for plotting, comparison of data, parameter sweeping, analysing linearized models, etc. Introduction This blog post presents a methodology for opening loading a customised set of Modelica libraries in Dymola with a single click.


InElmqvist initiated the Modelica design effort.

Designed by CMA Marketing. Dymola FD01 Release Notes. Controller components are available in the Modelica Standard Library.

Dymola for multi-domain modelling and simulation using Modelica – Claytex

It can be downloaded by registered users from the support center. There are many advanced flags within Dymola that are used daily, why not automatically have them set every time you load Dymola? At Claytex we always like finding ways of making working with any tool including Dymola more productive.

Training Courses We offer a range of training courses aimed at new and jodelica users of Dymola, Reqtify and rFpro. Click here to find out more. Dymola, Dynamic Modeling Laboratory, is a complete tool for modeling and simulation of integrated and complex systems for use within automotive, aerospace, robotics, process and other applications.

Introduction to MODELICA & DYMOLA

A multitude of libraries offer the capacity to model the complex thermo-fluid systems of aircraft, ranging from fuel systems to environmental control. Component orientated Modelica libraries contain objects that represent physical components such as valves, resistors, gears. Dassault Group Spatial Corp. Modelica is an open source, component orientated, physical modelling language. The flexibility of the open Modelica language is particularly suitable for modeling hybrid or alternative drive trains using the Battery, Brushless DC Drives and Electrified Powertrains libraries.

DYMOLA Systems Engineering

It supports FMI 1. Claytex have been building radar, LiDAR, ultrasound, camera, GPS and other plugins for rFpro for the past few years and have significant library of code we can build on.

Complete MultiBody vehicle dynamics models can be run in real-time.

The following documents are also available for download: Source code export The source code generation option enables models to be exported as platform independent C code so that the model can be integrated with your own solvers and platforms.


Engine and battery cooling is supported by the Cooling library, which can be combined with the HVAC library. Modal bodies or flexible shafts are available through the Flexible Bodies library. There is indeed an integrated capability in the software and its interface has been improved in this latest release. In addition, Dymola supports real-time simulation on a wide range of HiL platforms. In yearthe non-profit Modelica Association was formed to manage the continually evolving Modelica language and the development of the free Modelica Standard Library.

Design Optimisation The Dymola Optimisation option supports multiple parameter, multiple case optimisation studies to help explore the design space and optimise the performance. Some of these cookies are necessary for the normal function of the website and others help us understand how you use the site. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

SAAB Aeronautics New-generation aircraft benefits from model-based system engineering Engineering systems for the Gripen is a complex task, due in part to expensive equipment and testing procedures, long lead times, safety constraints and varying environmental conditions. As well as ensuring the systems work as intended we also aim to educate your engineers throughout the project to make sure they fully understand the products and can work independently.

Claytex have been working with Dymola and Modelica for 20 years and have helped build models of fuel systems, cooling systems, cars, aircraft, buildings, batteries, and much more. There are some restrictions in the demo version and these can be overcome by applying for an evaluation license:.