Download “Enjoy Your Life” by Dr. Muhammad Abd-ur-Rahman Al-Arifi for FREE. Thought-provoking anecdotes from the life of the author. The aim of the book is to train the reader to enjoy living his life by practicing various. Enj oy Your Life Dr. Muhammad bin ‘Abd al-Rahman al-‘Arifi Published by DARUSSALAM Contents Publisher’s Foreword 10 Introduction 17 1. They did not .

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He said, “When you enter I noticed that you smile and you seem very happy. The Prophet ft descended from the pulpit and embraced the trunk and it wailed like a child.

After the Prophet’s death, the companions – the Muhaji- roon and the Ansaar – gathered together in the quarters of Banu Sa’idah yoour decide on a Caliph.

Whoever considers exercising good manners as worship will deal courte- ously with everyone, liife he rich or poor, a manager or a tea-boy.

The Bedouin came and stood in front of the Prophet. No doubt the first person! I will inform the Prophet about him! When she felt safe, she was overcome with joy and said,”0 With animals Topic No. Yes, a chaste Muslim woman deserves no less! There is beauty in what he says, as if its top is fruit and its bottom is water.

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One day, he decided to confirm his feelings, so he approached the Prophet ft and sat next to him. Some people may exercise such interpersonal skills instinc- tively, while others may have to learn them in order to be suc- cessful, and these latter people are the types of successful per- sonalities whose lives we would like to study and whose methods we would closely seek to follow in order to discover how they were successful, and to qrifi out whether or not we can take their route to success.


He knew that they were about to fight a battle and were in no position to allow anyone to disobey the orders of the leader or argue in front of the other fighters.

Jabir bin ‘Abdullah 4fe was a great Companion. He said, “One of you rnjoy meet Allah on the Last Day without anyone to translate the dialogue between you and Allah.

As for the Prophet ft, his kindness extended to both rich and poor alike. When the prayer was over, the Prophet ft turned to the congregation. He then looks for a place to sit but cannot find a person who gives him any space or calls him to sit next to him. They had to make a quick decision, for they could have been struck by an arrow anytime. His father held a high position in the police force and had come to visit me at the university quite a few times, asking me yoru my help with his son.

Be unique 35 7.

By experiencing such excellent treatment, he felt certain that he was the most beloved of all to the Messenger of Allah ft.

Or at a buffet, where everyone serves themselves food and then looks for somewhere to sit, have you noted that such peo- ple, as soon as they have filled their plates, are subject to large A hundred ways to win ariri hearts Topic No. On his way, he passed by a date-palm tree on top of which there was a man in uniform, working on the tree.

Why were they amazed at his manners of speech? The Caliph became angry, and his guards unsheathed their swords and prepared to strike off his neck.


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Did we ever try to change their nature successfully? I mean, from the men, O Messenger of Allah. And if you think that you are better than them, then speak so we may hear you say it. This turban is white!

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The man became angry and said, “You are like my mother’s back! Similarly, the words used with one’s wife would not be the same as those used with gy sister.

Zahir became scared and said: I realised that the man did not win people over by his manners, kindness and A hundred ways to win people’s hearts Topic No.

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Once a group of pagans attacked some camels belonging to the Muslims on the outskirts of Madinah. Due to his extreme poverty, he was riding a very weak camel that could hardly walk. Why didn’t you sharpen your knife before you laid it on the ground? It increases self-awareness, whilst nurturing the soul and strengthening the spirit. Hy tried to plant the seeds of corruption, and attempted to unveil the Muslim women, but failed. He found him sitting tranquilly. I was therefore stunned one day to see some of them with a group of rich and powerful people, laughing and being courteous.

A child is like soft clay that we shape according to our treat- ment of it. They do not want to fight us.