Fiore Furlano de Cividale d’Austria, delli Liberi da Premariacco (Fiore dei Liberi, Fiore Furlano, His Flower of Battle (Fior di Battaglia, Flos Duellatorum) is among the oldest .. This manuscript is typically referred to as the ‘Getty version’. Flos Duellatorum by Fiore Dei Liberi Transcription. Uploaded by. morefaya Flos Getty Beta. Uploaded by. Alexandre Zulato. Hand-Book of the Manly. Digital images of Ms. Ludwig XV 13 courtesy of the Getty Museum’s Open Content Program Battaglia, Florius de Arte Luctandi, and Flos Duellatorum). The.

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Middle ItalianRenaissance Latin. However, only in the Pisani-Dossi version, is a date explicitly stated.

See more See less. Brief bridging sections serve to connect each of these, covering such topics as bastoncelloor plays of a small stick or baton against unarmed and dagger-wielding opponents; plays duelaltorum longsword vs. The illustration and text actually reveal that the particular ” posta ” or guard which the master has assumed is able to defend and offend an attack from any one of the originating offensive stances.

In fact, it appears that the Marquis has provided instructions to Fiore on how to structure the treatise in order to serve Nicolo’s needs or desire. The differences between the two versions as depicted above is minimal. AEMMA has both electronic getyy hard copies of the first three versions, including an original publication F.

The major sections of the work include: You have wicked desires duellatkrum of this art know little, you especially do things that have no place in words, come one by one who knows how to do it and even if floz were one hundred I will ruin you all because of this guard that is therefore good and strong.


Views Read Edit View history. In the Pisani-Dossi prologue, in the ” alter prologus ” section of the prologue, the phrase ” Paul Getty Museum; London: Was the difference in the years of Fiore’s career an error in the other two versions? The Codex CX or Ms.

Fior di Battaglia (MS Ludwig XV 13)

Journal of Western Martial Art. It also refers to a certain play of the sword in one hand which is likewise missing from that section. Ludwig XV 13 is: The following are some specifics which will aid in the ensuing discussion. The Morgan’s is also the shortest floss the three treatises, whereby, the abrazare and daga sections are completely absent, however, there are plates which depict wrestling on horseback and some plates depicting dagger against sword.

Journal of Western Martial Art

It is evident in the Western fighting arts community, that the treatises are considered as important cornerstones in todays research and reconstruction of historical Western fighting arts. Italian Illuminated Manuscripts in the J. Jixiao XinshuMuyejebo. Fiore writes of his students and their feats of arms, with an obvious omission of Nicolo III from the list of his students.

He wrote duellatotum he had possessed a natural combative ability at a young age, having left his village of Premariacco to learn more advanced fencing techniques and to increase his skills by traveling to many provinces, training under many Italian and German masters.


Paul Getty Museum Los Angeles: It consisted of 58 folios bound in leather with a clasp, with a white eagle and two helmets on the first page. Paul Getty Museum,pp. It is referred to as the Pisani-Dossi manuscript for the last collection it was a part of before its disappearance. In rare cases, a fourth type of master appears called “Contra-Contrario” counter-counterwho likewise wears the crown and garter and demonstrates how to defeat the master’s counter.

This is followed by five more illustrations depicting other defensive techniques, each illustration accompanied with rhyming couplets. Fiore continued to elaborate the duel which then continued on foot to the count of three blows of axe, three blows of sword and three blows of dagger, all in the presence of “countless” high ranking nobles including the prince and the Lord and the Lady Duchess of Duellatorjm.

File upload Batch upload. To date, given the extensive and ongoing research being conducted world-wide by a variety of historical fencing schools and academies 2 the only definitive source for Fiore’s biography has been the prologue written by Fiore himself contained in each of the three versions of the treatise 3. Grappling gettty Fiore de’i Liberi.