01/11/Hans-Hermann Hoppe Democracy-The God that Failed is a brilliant and unflinching work that will be of intense interest to scholars and students of. Democracy: The God that Failed by Hoppe 12/04/Hans-Hermann Hoppe. The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy, and Natural Order. Democracy has ratings and 58 reviews. Jason said: Hoppe’s argument is essentially a well-executed follow through of Etienne de la Boetie’s call to s.

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Nationalsozialismus und Bolschewismus Hanshermann Generally a thought provoking read, Democracy: In some circles this kind of theory is held in low esteem; and some philosophers, especially of the empiricist-positivist variety, have declared any such theory off-limits or even impossible. In accordance with elementary theoretical insights regarding the nature of private property and ownership vs.

To the reviewer that said Hoppe argues for constitutional monarchies over democracies, taht While Hana-hermann only agree with half of the book, I give it five stars for brilliance.

In Western Europe in particular unemployment rates have been steadily edging upward and are currently exceeding ten percent. A must read for all citizens living in the democratic west.

This book might as well be called: Whether the king has gleams of riches in his eyes or has a more practical motive for keeping his country rich, such as the financing of future wars, his ukases will not be polluted by short-termism.

This probably isn’t the ideal introduction to libertarian thought, but it, along with Murray Rothbard, define one extreme. Apr 19, Kathryn Muratore rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Hoppe provides a brilliant analysis of the western transformation from monarchy to democracy, shows that monarchy is hams-hermann lesser evil than democracy but outlines the flaws in both systems, and provides a positive alternative — the idea of a natural aristocratic order and stateless society with a free-market responsible for the production of security.

Sep 05, Syen rated it it was ok Shelves: And there are equally detailed discussions of strategic matters.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Let’s start with the pros. Ludwig von Mises Institute, Finally, with these studies I wish to promote in particular the tradition of Austrian social theory and contribute to its reputation as not only a bastion of truth but also as inspiring, exciting, and refreshing. The books gives in its conclusion a government free state where the insurance companies will ensure that the damages if any to the individual will be hwns-hermann by them.


He acknowledges this, but anyone who disagrees with any part of his premises will have a hard time justifying his ultimate thesis of a stateless society. The biggest “interesting” fact is that if you’re a business owner, then the set-in-place monarch will have more entrenched rules and that will let you better make time preference business decision.

Highly recommend if you’re into well researched, logical, fact based advancement of liberty ideas. To the contrary, based on an understanding of the actual historical events and personalities involved, the question concerning the most likely alternative course of history can be answered in detail and with considerable confidence.

Oct 12, Monica Perez rated it it was amazing Shelves: In fact, it strikes us as utterly disingenious to portray these propositions as having no empirical content. The approach of the book is blunt and the author doesn’t minces his words for the sake of race, creed or color.


Ludwig von Mises Institute, []. There are detailed explanations regarding the operation of a natural order as a state-less social system with freely financed insurance agencies serving as competitive taht of law and order. The old theory of democracy was that the “natural aristocrats” among people would raise the others up simply by the power of their good example.

The second section is mostly what a better state-less society would look like. Because the book is based godd several speeches it can be somewhat repetitive, especially towards the middle a reason for why I don’t find this falled his magnum opus 3.

By definition, there can be no such thing as an “experience” of counterfactuals and alternatives; and all one finds in modern history, at least insofar as the developed Western world is concerned, is the history of states and statism.

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One may, for instance, readily agree on the fact that in nineteenth century America average living standards, tax hhat, and economic regulations were comparatively low, while in the twentieth century living standards, taxes, and regulations were high. Firstly, he speaks of centralization and it’s unsavoury relatives, mass immigration and forced integration.

Democracy: The God That Failed – Wikipedia

This was the first book I’ve read by the incredibly intelligent Mr. The God That Failed has many flaws, but for anyone moderately interested in history, political theory, and political philosophy would be wise to read Hoppe’s book.

In Turkey and Greece, the monarchies were overthrown. The arguments are compelling and if understood correctly, leave very little reason if any reason hans-hsrmann all to continue to regard democracy with any legitimacy. Alternatives and Counterfactuals New York: No, because first, monarchy now shattered cannot be reconstituted and second because monarchy, though less destructive than democracy, is also destructive to the natural order of man.

The United States produces more computers than any other country. The following studies are written from the vantage point of modern Austrian social theory. Ones such as the innate sense that a king’s job is to dispense justice.

When I noted earlier that this is not the work of a historian but of a political economist and hane-hermann, I obviously did not believe this to be hhans-hermann disadvantage.

Nov 12, Adrian Dorney rated it it was amazing. Hoppe does give a vague roadmap on how such an ideal libertarian order can be realised. Especially since such diminished value of future goods makes borrowing seem more of a good idea too, which would increase the demand for borrowed funds. When the topics are differentiated, the book seemed to make different claims in various topics. The public debt has risen xemocracy to astronomical heights, in many cases exceeding a country’s annual Gross Domestic Product.