A balanced and very readable account of China’s metamorphosis from Maoism into the workshop of the world. China Shakes the World is an excellent book. Buy China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation: The Rise of the Hungry Nation by James Kynge (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation eBook: James Kynge: : Kindle Store.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. Yet in order to get more of one, it had to sacrifice part of the other.

Ask the expert: China Shakes the World | Financial Times

After enumerating the many bizarreries that make China seem so peculiar, he offers some important balance: James Kynge definitely makes an admirable effort, but the tone of the books is, at times, skewed and has a tendency to veer from rational to a sense that the Chinese will swarm over the earth like locusts and destroy us all.

When reform is too slow there is stagnation. The rise of China and also of India the rise of the masses of mankind into higher shakess of technological competence is also more pressure on dwindling natural resources, oil, water, even air.


Kynge’s vivid anecdotes paint a picture of a country that in many ways jamex downright freakish and unbelievably unfair and corrupt. This book really is an eye-opener to everybody who has an interest in what’s going on in the world and that really is important. I know it is a clunky, inelegant metaphor, but I tend to think of China as a lobster.

If m people are due to move from the rural areas of China to cities bythen my guess is that the demand for infrastructure will, over time, materialise. What are the consequences of a trade war between EU and China textiles, automobiles etc?


Now we already see China starting to shift production to the higher value end of production with a strong manufacturing foundation. This one raised wprld questions than it gave answers. The picture Kynge gives of China is too of a vast polluted, corrupthungry nation in which there are no legal bars to any kind of activity. It is a nation in which the illegal or grey economy is at least a third of the whole.

In kyge of balance, perspective and brilliant analysis of what China is today and where it is going tomorrow, this is the best book you can buy. Albeit to be taken with a small pinch of salt. And perhaps that is unavoidable: Thus, highly qualified and capable white collar workers are going to become available to multinational employers at salaries that are much lower than prevailing levels, I think.

: China Shakes The World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation eBook: James Kynge: Kindle Store

Due to its massive population base its presence is truly being felt worldwide as Chinese students fill up foreign schools by the millions, western countries move more and more of their means of manufacturing to the east and the millions of Chinese in their homeland increase in their demand for food, jobs and resources. The book begins at what was once the site of Germany’s largest steel mill, now only “a scar.

I tend to agree with your general point. Certainly, I respect how hard the Chinese entrepreneurs suffered and how hungry and resourceful and lucky they must be. Although China may dominate in manufacturing, it will continue to need the resources, energy and services that either cannot be supplied domestically or are better supplied from overseas.


It talks about the recent history sbakes China, including its incredible pace of development, extremely serious environmental problems, how a significant percentage of its economy is underground and how pervasive corruption is, and why Worrld can be so competitive in so many markets. Already, they graduate nearly 1m engineering students every year, and the cost of education in both countries is far below that in Europe and the US.

I’m afraid that I find this book a little hard to measure, as I am unused to reading anything written shakse China from an external perspective. Please try again later.

China Shakes the World : A Titan’s Rise and Troubled Future–And the Challenge for America

As I mention in my book, one of the biggest uncertainties attending the rise of China is whether the world will let China rise, or whether Europe and the US, facing unbearable competitive pressures, will slowly close their doors to trade and commerce with the Middle Kingdom.

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And anyone who doesn’t acknowledge that China is shaking the world is either in a state of willful denial or is living in a cave. Oh, and if there are any Houghton Mifflin editors reading this, note that maps would have been useful.