Koenraad Elst (born 7 August ), Belgian Indologist and author of over twenty books on topics related to Hinduism, Indian history, and Indian politics. Results 1 – 16 of 31 Decolonizing The Hindu Mind (PB). by Dr Koenraad Elst in India: concealing the record of Islam. by Koenraad Elst. Dr. Koenraad Elst was born in Leuven, Belgium, on 7 August , into a Flemish (i.e. Dutch-speaking Belgian) Catholic family. He graduated in Philosophy.

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The aspiration for conserving and communicating religious and cultural traditions and language to succeeding generations is legitimate and applies to all groups, big or small. Hasn’t Hindu civilization made an unnecessarily complicated, huge detour?

Koenraad Elst – Wikiquote

This made me wonder, and ask her alas, no time for much of an answerif there is not something congenial between Marxism and Brahminism.

Concerning the Indo-European origins debate, ekst has written on both its philological aspects and its contemporary political ramifications. The Basil herbal tree may be used too which is from the same family of Bay Tree. The merits of Lord Macaulay.

It was also a victor and acquired Rwanda and Burundi as well as a small German territory on the border. In much of the 19 th century, Bactria loenraad a candidate, favoured e. Thursday, December 27, Shaktatantra conference in Sanchi. He introduces the main episodes, such as the controversy since ca. De Benoist has later elzt himself a little about this Indian element, but many of his followers still stonewall this information. Vedic religion and Ancient Indian History.

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On the side, it also delivered them huge territorial gains in Africa, taking over the German colonies, and in the Middle East, semi-colonizing Ottoman territories in the Levant and the Gulf region. Negationaism in India – Concealing the Record of Islam. Savitri Devi’s last writings. Elsf, the priorities on the multitudes’ busy agenda do not come in the way of this Delhi conference on policy-making regarding the anti-Hindu and un-secular parts of India’s legislation.

Buddhist Studies and Medieval Indian History. She was very kenraad and crying all the time. Hanuman the monkey king wanted to help and he flew to the mountain where the tree was and he brought it just in time koebraad the doctor could make the herbal potion to cure Lakshman.


The currently prevalent theory put this Homeland or Urheimat somewhere near the Volga river, again on the eastern rim of Europe, in what the Russians call the Yamna or Pit-grave culture, beyond 3, BCE. The doctor said he could only be cured by a magical herbal tree called Sanjivani which grew on a certain mountain Dronagiri in the Himalayas.

The Rushdie Affair’s Legacy. Indian studiesIslamic Historyand Indian Politics. As evident from the sub-text of the debates of the Constituent Assembly, the rights assumed for the majority were only made explicit to the minorities as an assurance to the latter in the backdrop of the peculiar circumstances then prevailing in the aftermath of partition.

Koenraad Elst | The Brussels Journal

A critique of Richard Eaon’s attempt to explain away the facts of Islamic iconoclasm. The koenrzad between Vedic Aryans and Iranians more. It is, therefore, felt that the scope of article 30 of the Constitution should be widened to include all communities and all sections of citizens who form a distinct social group at any level. The religion of the Nazis.

Shubhada Joshi related the whole Shaktatantra topic to Indian Marxism. Many ex-Christian Westerners do adorn their houses with a Yule Tree and concomitant symbolism e. But a common fact of life in Western yoga circles is that it is women who engage in yogic practice whereas their men pooh-pooh these “flaky pastimes” to focus on material pursuits instead.

The apex Court in Pannalal Bansilal Pitti v. The evolving meaning of a very consequential word; eost in the journal Vedic Venues 2, p. The text will be finalized during the conference, but in essence, it is a move in support of a Private Bill introduced in the Lok Sabha by Dr. Sita was very beautiful and Ravana wanted to marry her so Ravana proposed to her on his knees but Sita said No because she said she was already married.

Koenraad Elst

Posted by Koenraad Elst at 8: Even then, they have mostly misunderstood it: Why Linguistics necessarily holds the key to the solution of the Indo-European Homeland question more. In Hinduism you get assertive and combative goddesses, like tiger goddess Durga killing the demon, or Kali chopping off heads. In fact, this is a logical corollary of Christian and Muslim propaganda that their religions know no caste and that any Dalit convert ceases to be a Dalit.


Regarding religion, he combines human sympathy with substantive skepticism. Sethna regarded it as “absolutely the last word”. Towards non-Hindus, in contrast, it will be necessary to emphasize not the way the amendments will serve Hindu interests, but why they are a necessary application of secularism and legal equality. From Ayodhya to Nazareth.

But in the Indian context, they are more or less forced to pay lip-service to the principle of secularity. Was There an Islamic “Genocide” of Hindus? For the record, Koeneaad am publishing another piece of free and unsolicited advice, viz.

In a vast and complex plural society, almost every identifiable group, whether identifiable by religion, including denomination or sect, or by language, including dialects, forms a minority at some operational or functional level, even if it forms a majority at some other levels. Their horizon usually stops at the Khyber Pass and they have no notion of, elwt interest in, what has happened in Central Asia and Europe. Traditionally, women were seen as immersed in time-consuming worldly pursuits like preparing food and looking after children and other needy people, while men had a more regular life with time for yogic pursuits.

He was an editor of the New Right Flemish nationalist journal Teksten, Kommentaren en Studies from to[7] focusing on criticism of Islamvarious other conservative and Flemish separatist publications such as Nucleus’t PallieterkeSecessieor the neoconservative The Brussels Journal and Middle East Forum.

Therefore adepts of the OIT, or more generally of any responsible search for the Homeland, may object with indignation that the OIT is passed over in silence in this book.

Koenraav book is, after all, more focused on contemporary Indian sociology than on religious contents through classical or vernacular sources. His research on the ideological development of Hindu revivalism earned him his Ph. The guilt of the “eminent historians” more.