Glenn Close as Albert Nobbs was brilliant acting. as a play titled The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs in which Close starred Off-Broadway in encarnando al mayordomo Albert Nobbs, en una historia sacada de la vida real y. Set in a posh hotel in nineteenth-century Dublin, Albert Nobbs is the story of an unassuming .. Una joya literaria de la literatura irlandesa, es este pequeño libro que Un hombre solitario con un universo diminuto, solo él y su vida, su historia . .. story “The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs” which was made into a movie, . Buy La singular vida de Albert Nobbs by George Moore (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Feb 01, Katie Lumsden rated it liked it. The novella, Albert Nobbs by George Moore was originally published in in A Storyteller’s Holiday and later, inrevised for publication in Celibate Lives. George Augustus Moore was an Irish novelist, short-story writer, poet, art critic, memoirist and dramatist.

Albert Nobbs

The piece worked very well as a short and I was surprised by its depth of feeling and expression. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I enjoy his fiction, even as it teeters between qlbert and “gratuitous. The story of his life is rather tragic, but Albert never dwells on it, the story concentrates more on his dreams and his attempts to find happiness.

In the writing of the book there were no quotation marks to note who was speaking or telling the story. I bought this novella sight unseen because I had such a great appreciation and emotional reaction to the film. An Irish woman starts cross-dressing out of necessity and lives her life as a waiter. At first glance this story seems to be nothing more than a sorrowful tale of lost identity and of love; how sad it must be to recognize that you can have more in life, but not know how to get it.


A very interesting story of a man who lived in mysterious circumstances.

La singular vida de Albert Nobbs : George Moore :

I wrote the following at my group: Laura, Wanda et al. No solo es un hombre solitario, es un hombre solo, en realidad una mujer vestida de hombre inmensamente sola en el mundo.

More is made of he This is one instance in which I saw the movie before reading the book. The book is very brief and is told as a narrative inside a story. I can’t figure out if he’s the greatest minor writer or the worst major writer of his time.

Davis rated it really liked it.

In the movie, Albert goes to labert Hubert and his wife, whereas in the book she does not. We learn later on that Hubert Page als This novel was a confusing tale of a woman living her life as a man during a time when woman were not able to find a job to provide them with a suitable wage.

She’s a woman who through tragic circumstances in her early life finds that it is easier to pass herself off as a man and live life as a lonely bachelor. The biggest difference is in the endings, although ultimately in both Albert dies. Albert Nobbs is fascinating, and remarkably well fleshed out considering its length. The story is told by way of omniscient narrator to someone called Alec actually, Alec Trusselby, an Irish storyteller.


Aside from the problem with the digital version, this short, page novella is a nice, easy, and fast read. Hubert, who reveals that he Mr.

Love In the end, Albert’s false feelings ruins him. The story was based on: To view it, click here.

Aug 19, David rated it it was ok Shelves: Albert Nobss is a gender-bending examination of sexuality from the early-twentieth century, with discussions of everything from same-sex cohabitation to polygamy, but it also borders on the absurd, as if Moore were piling on improbable scenarios for shock value.

Nov 01, Siv30 rated it really liked it.

La singular vida de Albert Nobbs

A nameless narrator sits with his or her, now that I think about it friend Alec. Maybe it is a plot device to express the confusion of Albert in regards to her gender identity and so we as the audience are encouraged to experience the same in not knowing what was going on.

I was struggling to read it on my phone because I couldn’t find it on Kobo and had to use a reading Kindle reading app, but that takes nothing away from the writing, rather a grumble at its availability.

Feb 06, Gabi Coatsworth rated it liked it Shelves: