Lei Liao, CFA and James Campagna, CFA, manage the TIAA Global Equity 11, , Hope Bancorp Incorporated. 28, , -sive-biblioteca-universalisintegra-uniformis-commoda-oeconomica-omnium :// . Area Network Autonomous System AS INTEGRA Integra Information Co LEI-AU-AP Leading Edge Internet AS VISION-ID Visionnet AS Number .

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A method for triggering service logic execution recording of a call between a calling User Equipment, UE, and a called UE in a telecommunication network, wherein said service logic execution recording is to be triggered by inregra in a chain of nodes involved in establishing a call between said calling UE and said called UE, wherein said method comprises the step of inserting in a call establishment message, a service logic execution recording parameter, wherein said parameter indicates that nodes involved in said establishing of said call between said calling UE and said called UE should perform service logic execution recording, wherein said service logic execution recording is any of recording of log files and recording of trace files reflecting signalling between said nodes in said chain.

The invention relates to an integrally formed double-flange deformation body as a main body for the production of a torque sensor which is suitable for measuring axial forces. A method for monitoring a switching system is also disclosed. A first type of roofing panel having a second trapezoid shape, such that a base edge and a top edge are parallel, where the base and top edge are connected by straight sides; c.

The adapter has, at an end opposite the housing cup, an adapter edge, which surrounds an adapter opening, is in particular in the form of a flange and is designed to be adhesively bonded or welded, in particular tightly, to the housing part.

A three-axis piezoelectric sensor, comprising: The device comprises an interfacea cost modifier modulea placement modulea connection embedding moduleand a path computation module The invention relates to a measuring probe for scanning light beams 10 or laser beams. When the operation of the operator makes the end portion of the robot deviate from a desired movement track or enter into a high-risk area, the operation force of the robot will be generated to ensure the end portion of the robot is kept on the correct track and in the correct area at all time.

The invention also relates to a machine element 2 having a sliding surface 1 formed according to the above-mentioned method.

A corresponding method in a network node, an unmanned aerial vehicle, a network node, computer programs and computer program products are also disclosed. The invention discloses a guiderail of an underslung robot, an underslung robot and an operating system thereof.

Imitation beetle elytron wings 2 are used as horizontal wings of an aircraft. The disclosure also relates to a vehicle comprising such a vacuum pump. In a method in intdgra a particularly robust and simple multi-turn sensor can be used, a Wiegand wire unit 19 monitors movement of a magnetic assembly 18, 22 of the rotating component 14 and generates energy when movement is detected from the magnetic field of the magnetic assembly 18, 22 of the rotating component 14 and converts this into electrical voltage, which is provided to supply the multi-turn sensor 16 with voltage.

The method further comprises sending, by the server, the attribute information of the at integrz one intelligent device to the gateway, and enabling the gateway to manage and control the at least one intelligent device based on the attribute information of each of the at least one intelligent device. Upon unlocking the needle seat 1 and the protective housing 4the needle seat 1 is pulled backwards, and the cylindrical portion 11 slides into a locked position of the built-in sliding sleeve 3 and is locked.

The blade comprises first 12 and second 14 half shells bonded together and a shear web 16 bonded inside the shells.



Or any source at all of energy, immediately eliminating the need to store an energy source. The glue depression 10 is configured for receiving a glue portion 11 in order to permanently attach the suspension arrangement 7 to the support 2, The springs 13 of the at least one second string 13c, 13d of pocketed springs have a spring characteristic or a spring geometry different from the springs nitegra the plurality of first strings of the innerspring main body Integfa invention further relates to a diaphragm pump 10 having a housing 1 according to the invention and to an exhaust gas aftertreatment system having a diaphragm pump 10 according to the invention.

An associated method comprises determining, using one or more sensors of the wind turbine, a first power production level of the wind integta determining, during an unconstrained operation of the wind turbine, one or more available power correction factors using the first power production level; determining, using one or more wind power parameters applied to a predefined model for estimating an available power of the wind turbine, an estimated available power value; adjusting the estimated available power value using the one or more available power correction factors to produce the available power value; and controlling, using the available power value, the wind turbine to produce a second power production level.

The dividing walls 21 that cross the x direction and thereby separate the individual radiators adjacent in the x direction are different from the dividing walls 22 in the y direction in terms of the wall thickness d thereof.

Autonomous System (AS) Numbers

Moreover, the present invention further relates to the use of triphenylphosphine oxide as additive in the lithium battery for enhancing one characteristic selected from the group consisting of reversible capacity, Coulombic efficiency, cyclic stability and combinations thereof.

The transmitter communication device further comprises a communication interface configured to transmit the current group of frames including the first frame and the second frame to the receiver communication device A first magnetically active material, with an electrically conducting surface, is provided in the hole.

Siderail assembly especially for a hospital bed 1 for keeping the patient in horizontal position, comprising Load-bearing support bracket 16 of the Siderail mechanism 12 that is firmly attached to a part of the rest area 4a side arm 15 and a main arm 9 of the siderail that is rotationally connected to the load-bearing support bracket 16 for supporting the siderail mechanism 12 and siderail body 8a pawl 19 rotationally connected to the main arm 9 of the intevra, a dampening element 20 rotationally connected to the main arm 9 of the siderail and a load-bearing support bracket 16and a handle 11 interconnected with the locking mechanism, wherein itnegra mechanism allows for a smooth and dampened lowering and lifting of inhegra siderail body 8.

The system 1 includes conveying means 4 for conveying the recyclable container 3one or more security mark detection means 5 arranged to detect more than one reflection value R1, R2 of the security mark 2a first light source 6 arranged to illuminate the security mark 2 with light within a first wavelength range 13a second light source 7 arranged to illuminate the security mark 2 with light within a second wavelength range 14 which is different from the first wavelength range ihtegra The present invention relates to a compound shown integrz formula II or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and an application of the same in preparing a drug for treating a disease related to angiotensin II receptor type 2 AT2R.

List of Autonomous System Numbers

Furthermore, the invention relates to a method for examining a communication system 11465 to a method for operating a hydraulic brake system of a vehicle. The invention relates to a validation system 1 for validating the authenticity of a security mark 2 on a recyclable container 3. The bars are then detached from the shear web and the shells are brought together to bond the shells to each other and to bond the shear web between the shells.


The network node can use two precoders for efficiently making use of the side-link.

WIPO translate Wipo internal translation tool. The present invention relates to a system 4 for combating rats in sewer systems 1. Said new jet can therefore also be used as an activating, cleaning, cutting, melting and soldering head.

A suspension arrangement 7 for attachment to a support 2, 17 being made from a magnetisable material is disclosed. The invention relates to a plasma jet device that can produce a plasma in the atmospheric air or another gas, which is fed by means of microwaves with the required energy.

Preventive maintenance may be carried out without the suspension of power production using an integral back-up system. A fine coal feed for a fixed-bed pressure gasifier and also a process and a plant for producing such a fine coal feed from a raw coal associated with accompanying rock, which fine coal feed forms, under gasification conditions, an ash or clinker layer which has very good support and gas passage properties, is proposed. When the first welding part 21 and the second welding part 22 are welded together, the first module component and the second module component are fixed to each other.

Said discharge head has a nasal applicator 12which extends outward from an actuation surface 32 and at the end of which a discharge opening 98 is provided, which, through an applicator channel 92 of the nasal applicator 12is connected in a fluid-communicating manner to a hollow tube 42 for connection to the pressure reservoir. The transmission bearing is sleeved onto the rotary cylinder, and an outer ring of the transmission bearing is fixedly connected to the rotary cylinder.

A fluid container composed of at least two layers of a cardboard composite material composed of kraft paper and wound to form a hollow cylinder, the edges of which material overlap in the winding direction. Also disclosed is a shield tunneling machine, comprising a shield and the shield spiral conveyor disposed inside the shield. The anti-electromagnetic interference radio frequency module comprises a radio frequency module body, the inside of the radio frequency module body is provided with an electrical connection area 1 and a grounding area 2a metal thin film structure 4 is attached to an upper surface and side surfaces of the radio frequency module body, and the metal thin film structure is connected to the grounding area, forming an anti-electromagnetic interference shielding layer structure which is integrated with the radio frequency module body.

A category to which question information belongs is determined based on a classification model, and the intention of a user when asking a question can be recognized so as to answer according to the intention of the user, thereby improving the accuracy of answering and increasing intelligentization.

The suspension arrangement 7 comprises a magnetic attachment means 8 and a glue surface 9 having a glue depression The housing cup is made of metal, in particular steel or aluminum, at least in the region of a housing cup edge extending peripherally around the opening.

The transverse fleece web segments 26, 27 are attached to the longitudinal fleece webs 24, 25 such that they form together with the longitudinal fleece webs 24, 25 a framelike structure 21 serving as the cover layer When N is 1, a first circulation loop comprises a waste heat exchanger, a first stage steam turbine or a first stage expander, a first stage condenser and a first stage liquid pump which are sequentially connected from end to end.

A medical robot and control method thereof.